Bitcoin halving is less than 1,000 blocks away

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Key facts: The next halving would occur between April 19 and 20, 2024. Since then, 3,125 BTC will be issued per mined block over the next 4 years. Every four years, sports fans vibrate with the Olympic Games and soccer fans with their World Cup. And bitcoiners, what do they do? They are not left behind! They throw digital confetti to celebrate the bitcoin (BTC) halving, also every four years. According to the counter at the top of the BitcoinDynamic home page, we are less than 1,000 blocks away from this event. With blocks being mined approximately every ten minutes, The big moment should fall on the night of Friday, April 19. But, considering that those ten minutes per block are more of an average, it may be a little faster or a little slower. So, mark your calendars, but in pencil, because The exact time of the halving is still up in the air.. Very basically (for more detail read the Cryptopedia, educational section of BitcoinDynamic), what the halving does is reduce the issuance of bitcoin. Now, 6.25 BTC are issued in each mined block, but After the halving – and for the next 4 years – 3,125 BTC per block will be issued. Historically, bitcoin halvings have marked the market cycles for this digital currency (and, by extension, for most cryptocurrencies). About six months after each halving, bitcoin has always reached new all-time high prices. But, this time it is different because BTC has set a new all-time high before the halving. The approval of bitcoin ETFs in the United States facilitated the entry of large capital from institutional investors, which changed the dynamics of the market. For this reason, There are those who predict a bullish “super cycle” for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the remainder of 2024 (and also, perhaps, in part of 2025). Despite this, on this April 13, 2024, bitcoin does not have a day in «bull mode» or super bullish. On the contrary, its price has fallen more than 5% in the last 24 hours (along with most financial markets) due to the escalation of the war conflict taking place in the Middle East. Even so, This does not nullify medium and long-term bullish expectations.. In every bullish movement, bearish corrections are natural—and even healthy.