A creative partner for TikTok in Europe

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The great technological bet of recent years is the vertical format. TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat… Social networks have adapted to this new dimension born as a result of the massive use of smartphones. Cosmic, a company born three years ago in Italy, is responsible for the success of dozens of companies in Spain that, with a touch of creativity, strategy and, above all, with vertical videos, manage to attract network users. The start-up has three headquarters throughout Europe: Paris, Milan and Madrid. The head of the company in Spain, Carlos García, was one of the first to join Cosmic almost two years ago. His experience so far was based on the sales sectors of Schweppes, Atresmedia – in the television part and, shortly after, in the digital part – and Freeda. In 2022, García received a proposal from one of his former bosses: a very different opportunity from what he had done so far. Businesswoman Eliana Salvi, a former TikTok employee, had started Cosmic, with which she intended to revolutionize the advertising and creative market by adapting to new technologies and, especially, videos in vertical format. At the end of July 2022, Salvi and García began the business adventure in Spain of Cosmic, TikTok's first creative partner. “There is competition, of course. But we have done it in a different way. Our approach is not to focus on social media, it is to focus on the vertical format, which is the most common right now and in which we are pioneers. It is the bet for the future,” explains García. The purpose of the company, he says, is to help brands adapt to new media to communicate with society in the simplest way possible. “And that's why TikTok is key.” Throughout its brief history, the company – which has 15 employees in Spain – has collaborated on different projects with more than 40 companies, including, for example, Disney + . “Each brand is different. Some need more support in strategy and already have control of their networks. Others need to create everything from scratch. And the content depends a lot on the audience it is aimed at,” says García. In 2023 the company achieved a turnover of 1.5 million euros in Spain. From that money, his benefits, as García assures, were half a million. The key is to have known how to adapt to the platform codes. “It's not easy, but TikTok [que aglutina casi 20 millones de usuarios en España] has many opportunities. And the purpose and use that each company gives to its content on the network is different,” he explains. Follow all the information from Economy and Business on Facebook and xor in our weekly newsletter